O'Dwyer calls on SDCC to do more to prevent bin overflow in public parks

O'Dwyer calls on SDCC to do more to prevent bin overflow in public parks

Following increased reports from residents accessing Corkagh Park over the weekend Labour Chris O’Dwyer is calling on South Dublin County Council to introduce new measures to prevent the overflowing of bins in public parks.

Reacting to phone calls and emails he received on Monday evening O’Dwyer said:

"With the lockdown continuing more and more residents are making use of Corkagh Park. We are blessed in Clondalkin to have this wonderful park on our doorsteps but the Council needs to step up and introduce measures to deal with the increase of waste.

"I received phone calls and emails from residents who have expressed concern about the emptying of bins in our public parks. The bins were overflowing on Monday evening and with the volume of waste visible in the photographs it would suggest that the bins had not been emptied in a good few hours or indeed at all.

"I believe that residents should be bringing their waste home with them and I believe that many do. However, this does not take away from the Council's responsibility to ensure that these bins are emptied and that our public spaces are kept clear.

"The photographs that I was sent by concerned residents display a massive disrespect for Tidy Town volunteers. It's not acceptable for people who are using the park to leave their rubbish beside overflowing bins and it is not acceptable for the Council to allow the bins to get into such a state.

"Last year the council spent €2.9 million on litter and illegal dumping and are planning on spending €3.08 million in 2021. We need to see some of this money go towards harm reduction measures. 2021 is going to be a year where more of us spend time within the local area due to ongoing restrictions so the Council need to generate a strategic plan to prevent such build ups.


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