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Long Summer and even longer Autumn

It has been many months since I have been able to sit down and do a post - I suppose that this is just part and parcel of the "new normal" due to the pandemic - but I have been very active on the ground and have continued to work with residents on local issues. Here is a run down of the work I have done over the Summer months

Palmerstown Woods

Over the summer I continuously advocated for the rebuilding of the section of fencing that was damaged on the Station Road, when I engaged with residents about this they requested that the fence be completely replaced with a stone fence rather than a wooden one - I passed this request on however, the Council decided to ignore the request and erected a wooden one. I will continue to advocate for this change.

Another issue which arose in Palmerstown Woods (and indeed the rest of Palmerstown-Fonthill and beyond) was water quality, there was a noticeable issue with the quality of water and many residents from estates across the area made contact with me. Thanks to the efforts of Cllr. Joanna Tuffy (Lucan) Irish Water eventually released a statement about the issue, thanks also need to be given to the Echo newspaper for covering this story.

Finally in Palmerstown Woods I engaged very closely with residents in the estate about the tree maintenance program, a survey was carried out and residents disagreed with the decision of the Council with regards to the trees that were marked for maintenance, felling and those that were not going to receive maintenance. I made contact with the Council on behalf of the residents to ask the Council to carry out a further survey, the survey was carried out and the majority of residents were pleased with the works carried out.

Neilstown and Moorefield

Over the Summer I had the great pleasure of meeting with a number of residents in the Neilstown and Moorefield Estate to offer support on a number issues, one such issue which was reported in the Echo was the increase of dumping across the area and the delayed response. In communication I received from the Council I was told that there was no point in having regular litter picks in North Clondalkin as the residents will "never learn". The issue of illegal dumping still continues and work needs to be done on this - I repeat my call for the Council to engage with local residents to deal with the issue in partnership.

I have also engaged with residents regarding incoming traffic calming measures - the consultation process is now open.


Over the summer I hosted an online public meeting about the plans for the Vincent Byrne site on the edge of Palmerstown Village, I submitted a submission against the plans to ABP and like many locals I was disappointed when I heard the plans have been approved. Watch this space!

I also had the opportunity to meet with residents in a number of estates in Palmerstown over the summer to deal with issues - one such estate was in the Whitethorn estate regarding an ongoing issue of illegal dumping.


Due to the current level of restrictions and due to working on the frontline I have cancelled all face to face events, meetings and leaflet drops - There will be an update around this in 2021.

However, I have a number of exciting online events in the pipeline that will be announced in the coming weeks when guest speakers are confirmed.

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