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June Update

I took over the role of Local Area Representative in May and since then I have been working hard for the residents of North Clondalkin, Palmerstown and Fonthill on various local issues from illegal dumping to estate management to drugs paraphernalia and public transport. Below is some of the work I have done from the 28th of May to 13th of June. Palmerstown

A number of residents reported to me that they have seen an increase of silver bullet shaped canisters in parks, housing estates and other public spaces, I contacted SDCC asking them if their crews have noticed an increase of these canisters and other forms of drugs paraphernalia in the Palmerstown area. I have linked in with the Clondalkin Drug and Alcohol Task Force regarding this issue as Palmerstown is part of their catchment area - a harm reduction campaign is on the cards for the area.

The bus shelter on the Coldcut/Kennelsfort road - which was removed from service after a road traffic incident - is in the process of being replaced. I have been in contact with the NTA since January and welcome the starting of the works to replace the bus shelter.

I will be chairing a meeting on the proposed plans for the Vincent Byrne site - see my Facebook page for details.

I have also reported a number of instances of illegal dumping across the Palmerstown area to SDCC.

North Clondalkin

A number of instances of illegal dumping were raised with me by residents across the North Clondalkin area - these incidents of illegal dumping took place on the Neilstown Road, the Collinstown Road and the Coldcut Road. There was an initial slow response from the Council via their online reporting service but following a phone call to the Litter Warden the items were removed by SDCC crews.

Similar to Palmerstown there has been a noticeable increase of nitrous oxide gas canisters littered in parks, estates and public spaces - I am hopeful that a harm reduction campaign will be launched soon to address this issue and make those using the gas aware of the risks.

I was in a position to make the results of a tree survey available to the residents of the Palmerstown Woods estate, when the residents reviewed the survey a number made me aware that some of the recommendations made in the survey were incorrect, I reported this issue to SDCC and a further survey will take place.

During the 2020 general election a number of residents in the Moorefield estate made me aware of the need for ramps in the estate to slow cars down and help promote safety in the estate. I have submitted a request to SDCC in relation to this and will keep advocating with the council for the ramps to be installed.


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