A Local Voice for Local Issues...

  • Smarter and fairer local housing policy

  • Better local public services

  • Investment in local heritage

  • Increased resources to community policing 

Working to build a community of equals


  • Born in Ballyfermot in 1993
  • Moved to Clondalkin in 1995
  • Educated in St. Lorcan's BNS, Palmerstown, and Moyle Park College in Clondalkin
  • Worked as a Special Needs Assistant, carer, and a Youth Worker.
  • Currently working in homeless services - having previously served as a Key Worker
  • Joined the Labour Party in 2019, served as Director of Canvassing for Cllr. Joanna Tuffy's general election campaign
  • Currently serving as Local Area Representative for the Labour Party in the Clondalkin-Rathcoole


  • An area where each resident, despite where they live or how long they are living there has the same rights of access to Council and State services.

  • An area where local heritage and local eco-systems are safeguarded, celebrated, and invested in. 

  • An area where the rights and the needs of all residents, especially the most vulnerable and at risk are upheld and respected.

  • An area where the newest members of the community feel as welcome as those who are established members of the community.


To work towards a Clondalkin of equals and build a community where all members of that community feel welcomed, valued, and that they have a stake in the community. To provide the utmost quality of service to those who need Council or State Services and to advocate for the continued improvement of Clondalkin, Rathcoole, Saggart, Newcastle and Brittas. 

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